Dealing with Property Damage, Floodwater, and Mold in your Tampa Home

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December 1, 2021

Lookout for These Top 6 Signs of Mold

At Clear-View Companies we understand there’s nothing more distressing than successfully saving your Tampa home from floodwater, and then having to face the ongoing hassle of water damage and the very real and deadly threat of a mold infestation.

The danger of leaving water damage to dry naturally is that mold can begin infesting  within 24 hours, and the longer wood and furnishings in your Florida home remain saturated with water, the more damaging the mold infestation can become.

If you think your Tampa property has a mold problem, then we cannot stress enough that you should consider giving us a call. Mold is a real concern, and can become a genuine danger to you and your family’s health.

1. Colored spotting or fur on the walls

If you find colored stains such as black, white, orange, or green specks on your wall, or a build-up of a furry dark growth, you face the real possibility of having a mold infestation. Fungus thrives in cool, damp areas, and in particular, the areas of your home that you might forget to dry out – areas such as the garage or windowless bathrooms are a haven for mold growth.

2. Stale and musty smells

If even after you dry your house top to bottom, a musty damp smell remains, this could be a sign that your home has a mold problem. The best way to describe the smell is if someone left a wet towel in the bathroom overnight; and of course, if someone has left a wet towel overnight, it’s always worth checking after removal that no lingering mold threat remains.

3. Your sink or toilet has previously flooded

Bathrooms are one of the biggest sources of mold, and if you’re in the process of drying your house after suffering flood damage, pay particular attention to places where running water and flooding can happen on any given day.

4. Underneath wet carpets

Be aware that even though you might have dried your carpet after your property flooded, it will remain one of the most likely places that fungus will grow. Carpets are the perfect breeding ground, and unfortunately, to fully remove the mold infestation, you might be forced to rip up and dispose of the carpet altogether.

5. Warped walls or plasterboard

Mold is such a durable and dangerous fungus that it can grow inside the walls of your flooded Florida property, and any plasterboard in rooms that were flooded will have to be removed. Wet plasterboard is the perfect breeding ground for fungus and will remain a threat to the members of your household. Provided with the right conditions, the quick growth cycle of mold inside your walls could pose a dangerous threat to the health of your family.

6. Drying out wet furniture in a dry room

Although it might seem like the perfect solution, moving wet furniture upstairs to dry out in a room untouched by floodwater, can create a bigger problem by allowing the mold to spread from one room to another. Rather than take any chance, it’s better you completely remove any wet furniture or cardboard from your home.

Again, these are only a few of the noticeable signs that you might have a mold infestation.

Ways to Prevent Mold from Taking Hold of your Tampa Property After Water Damage

There are several ways to stop mold from taking hold in your home, however, we would always recommend contacting a specialist to best ensure that mold is completely removed.

Ensure windows and doors are wide open, and remove all debris and wet items – anything you think has absorbed water, such as ceiling tiles, paper, flooring, etc, will need to be removed as quickly as possible.

If safe, use dehumidifiers to decrease moisture in the air and electrical fans to circulate air and encourage water evaporation.

Purchase a mold and mildew remover, or create a bleach and water solution or a baking soda solution to scrub the affected surfaces. Ensure you have all the protective equipment necessary, and always follow safety guidelines when removing mold.

If you must vacate the property for a time, you should only move back into your home when you’re completely certain that all water damage and mold infestation has been removed. Mold can quickly become toxic, and without a reputable water damage and mold remediation company, your house could remain a danger.

Clear-View Companies are Here to Solve your Property Problem

As a respected community company in the Tampa area with more than 40 years of industry experience, Clear View Companies are here to help – no issue is too big. As one of the top water damage and mold remediation companies in the US, we thrive on helping people in their time of need. If you’re looking for mold removal services or  advice on how to fix your Florida property following a flooding, we’re here to help you.

Stop worrying about water damage and mold remediation in your Florida home and get in contact today – a Clear-View specialist is only a click away.

For more details or advice on how our experts can help you, contact us to set up a free in home estimate.

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