What is the Design Build Process?

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Amanda Aspey
November 1, 2021


It’s a known fact that construction costs can quickly become quite hefty for clients. According to Statista, “Construction spending in the United States topped $1.29 trillion in 2018”, which means it has only climbed higher in recent years. Furthermore, “Global construction costs are expected to rise 4.3% on average” (Turner & Townsend).

With construction costs on the rise, many companies and firms are reconsidering their approach to the traditional process of building. As such, the design-build construction process is quickly growing in popularity amongst clients and construction firms alike. 

The traditional project delivery construction process puts the owner or “client” in a challenging position to hire the right contractors for every step of the build. At the bare minimum, the traditional project delivery path forces clients to hire a designer to create design plans and a contractor to fulfill those plans. Often, these two professionals do not collaborate, which causes more issues in the long run. 

The design-build construction process cuts out the extra steps where the client is forced to hire each individual professional. Instead, they hire one design-build firm to ensure all jobs are completed to make the build happen in coordination and on time. As you can imagine, going the design-build route can lead to various benefits for both the contractors and the client.

Promotes Valuable Collaboration

Following the traditional construction project delivery path and hiring a designer and contractor who never collaborate can lead to many issues. One of the significant problems clients often face is designers blaming contractors for any issues that pop up in the project and vice versa. Unfortunately, in many cases, this can result in a lawsuit.

Hiring a design-build firm promotes close collaboration between the designer and contractors. Instead of being hired separately, they are responsible for innovating as a joint effort. Even further, they are expected to collaborate openly for the benefit of the project and client. Have you ever heard of the saying, “Two heads are better than one?” Well, that sentiment applies in construction as well! 

Proven to Save Time

The design-build construction process is a proven strategy to save time as it encourages designers and contractors to work together. Fewer steps have to be taken to hire the right professionals, which can be a lengthy process between consultations, interviews, phone calls, and even emails. 

Decisions are also made more quickly through the design-build process as all professionals are working with a team mentality. In addition, essential stakeholders are encouraged to coordinate. This means the construction project can be delivered in a more efficient and timely manner. 

Known for Being Cost-Effective

Design-build construction firms are able to keep construction prices lower for their clients. Instead of hiring many different individuals at inflated prices, clients can enjoy paying a design-build firm in Tampa, FL one set fee. Moreover, working with a design-build firm reassures the client that there will be fewer issues along the way. Fewer problems mean it is less likely for the client to have to pay more in the end. 

Less Stress on the Client

Clients wishing to build a home, business, or any other type of construction often have lives and careers of their own. As a result, they don’t always have time to constantly communicate with designers, contractors, and any other professionals involved in the building of their property.

You don’t have to look far to see that the traditional construction project delivery path requires clients to be more involved in the process than necessary. On the other hand, the design-build construction process limits the responsibility of the client and allows them to take a hands-off approach to the process. 

As mentioned, the design-build process minimizes the financial risks that often come with new construction while also reducing pressure on the client to hire the perfect professionals for each step. So it is no wonder why the design-build process is quickly growing in popularity! 

Final Thoughts About Design-Build Benefits

It’s glaringly obvious why a design-build construction process is a favorable approach for all parties involved. Not only does this approach demonstrate more respect for the client’s time, but it also ensures the project will be completed at a minimal cost. 

It’s true; clients often have to be cautious about the consequences of reducing costs in the construction industry. However, the design-build process simply promotes efficiency rather than cutting corners. Compared to the traditional construction path, the design-build process is known for promoting innovative efforts between designers and contractors.

As this is a newer approach to construction, a reliable Design-build firm in Tampa, FL can be difficult to nail down. Our Design-Build team at Clear-View Companies has you covered, though! For more information about the design-build process or a free professional consultation, we invite you to Contact Us at any time.

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